My wife gave her boss the gift of life: her kidney

THE KANSAS CITY STAR | Joy Toyoshiba, David Frese
We follow as Natalie Frese, wife of The Star’s David Frese, donates her left kidney to Ty Poell, her boss and principal at Tonganoxie Elementary School. Natalie, a second-grade teacher at the school, found out she was a donor match last fall. Ty was suffering kidney failure as a result of Alport syndrome, a genetic condition.

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I’ve learned over the years that when I start a sentence with “So …,” I’m about to say something stupid.

This became even more apparent at one of Mrs. Frese’s doctor’s appointments several weeks ago.

“So,” I said, and I could tell from her expression she was thinking, “Here we go …”

“So, let’s say, God forbid, something goes horribly wrong with this surgery, and you don’t make it,” I said to her. “How long do you want me to wait before I get remarried?”

My wife — whose name is Natalie — didn’t roll her eyes, but I’m pretty sure she thought about it.

“Look,” Natalie said. “You can get remarried as soon as you can find someone who will marry you.”

“Woo-hoo!” I said.

I thought about high-fiving the nurse before I realized what Natalie was really saying. Continue reading
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