New patient-centric transplant center opens at AU Health

JAGWIRE NEWS | Denise Parrish
Marguerite Mason likely would have been pleased.

Officials cut the ribbon at the new 14,000-square-foot Carlos and Marguerite Mason Solid Organ Transplant Center on Thursday, doubling the capacity for evaluations and ongoing care which will essentially enable more patients to receive lifesaving organ transplants.

Following her death in 1991, Marguerite Mason left the bulk of the family estate to the Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust to help ensure that needy Georgians requiring transplants have access to care. To that end, the Mason Trust awarded Augusta University $1.45 million to help fund the construction of the $4.1 million consolidated transplant center at AU Health.

“We are humbled and honored by the great opportunity the Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust has provided for our patients and families,” said Dr. Todd Merchen, surgical director of the program and Mason Distinguished Chair in Transplant Surgery and Immunology.

“When you are a patient, you are at your most vulnerable, and when you are first learning about something as complex and daunting as a transplant because of kidney failure, that feeling can be overwhelming. The financial contributions from the Mason Trust have allowed us to design a comforting, family atmosphere for our patients that is truly unique among transplant centers,” Merchen said. Continue reading
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