Organ donation: 77% of Tunisians willing to donate their organs

A recent survey revealed that 77% of Tunisians say they are willing to donate their organs when they die, of whom 55% agree to give all their organs and 26% one organ.

The results of the survey were presented Friday in Sousse on the occasion of the 7th French-Maghreb Forum on Organ Donation organised on the theme “the role of the media, civil society and scientific associations in promoting organ donation.”

Experts, doctors and journalists from France, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia are participating in this two-day forum.

According to the same survey carried out by Sigma Conseil, entitled “Tunisians and organ donation, perception and ways of promotion”, 89% of Tunisians are willing to donate their organs to their parents, 88% to their children and 77% to the spouse.

It is based on a quantitative study carried out with a representative sample in Greater Tunis and in the 24 governorates of the country.

One third of Tunisians talk about organ donation with family and relatives, while 63% are unaware of the existence of organ donation events and 89% are unaware of the existence of associations active in the field. Continue reading
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