Organ Donation: A Longford man's story

With Organ Donation Awareness Week coming up next week, a Longford man has shared his life-changing story of a kidney transplant, which he underwent in January 2011.

Persistent lower back pain was the reason builder Joe Kilbride from Aughnacliffe went to see his doctor, and later learned that his kidney function was deteriorating, thanks to an overactive immune system.

Medication and a healthy lifestyle allowed him to delay dialysis treatment for almost 15 years after that, but then his kidney function failed, leaving him with depleted energy levels and a quality of life which only continued to deteriorate.

It wasn’t until January 2011, after a number of years of dialysis treatment, that Joe got called for a life-changing transplant.

“The transplant completely transformed my life, as well as my family’s. My wife GrĂ¡inne has been a huge support to me and helped keep the show going while caring for me and our two sons who were in their teens and still attending school when I began my dialysis treatment,” Joe explained. Continue reading
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