Organ Donation: ‘Talk to Your Family’ Around Intentions,

- UHL Marks Organ Donor Awareness Week
- ‘You are six times more likely to need an organ than to be a donor’

MEMBERS of the public are being urged to discuss organ donation with their loved ones in the unlikely event they will be able to help somebody waiting for a transplant.

Organ Donor Awareness Week, April 1st to April 8th, is being marked at UHL this week with an information stand being run by Siobhan Brosnan, Organ Donation Nurse Manager.

Only a small proportion of patients who die in hospital will be suitable for donation, which makes it all-the-more important that people who wish to donate have had a full discussion with their families. In 2016, there were 77 deceased donors recorded in Irish hospitals. In the same year, there were 280 transplants carried out in Irish hospitals while a further 16 Irish patients received transplants in the UK.

Ms Brosnan, who has 18 years experience working in intensive care units at home and abroad, said:“One person can potentially help a maximum of seven other people to get life-saving operations. Not everybody will donate seven organs but the potential is there for seven.”

“Another fact we try to emphasise to people is that they are six times more likely to need an organ than to be in a position to donate,” Ms Brosnan added.

While people may carry an organ donation card, or may have ticked the relevant box in their driving licence application, it is essential that they clarify their intentions with their next-of-kin around donation. Continue reading
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Be sure to share your decision with your family to ensure your generous gift is honored,  At risk is the legacy you wish to leave.