Organ donations mean 'life and death' for thousands of Ontarians

DURHAM REGION |  Toby Van Weston
Ajax resident gives kidney to save life, encourages others to follow
AJAX -- Amanda Reynolds is donating a kidney to her boyfriend of 12 years Sean Norris. Norris was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and Reynolds happened to be a perfect match. April is Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Month. April 22, 2017 - Sabrina Byrnes / Metroland
DURHAM — April is BeADonor Month in Ontario, and one Ajax resident is hoping more Durham residents will consider being organ donors. As she prepares to give up one of her own kidneys to help save a life, she’s urging the region to get involved in donating.

Amanda Reynolds’ life was recently affected by illness. Last summer, her boyfriend of 12 years, Sean Norris, began getting headaches and experiencing back pain. He ignored it until November, when he decided to visit a doctor. Routine blood work revealed that Norris had kidney failure.

Norris was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, which means he had little to no kidney function. Continue reading
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