Organ donations saved the lives of these young men — now they're helping others on the transplant waiting list

Joel Seeto and Peter Crumpton founded The Transplant Network to support young organ recipients.
When you think of a heart or lung transplant patient, chances are an image of a teenager does not come to mind — yet more than a third of lung transplant recipients are under the age of 35.

Key points:

  • There are currently more than 1,400 people on Australia's transplant waiting list
  • Average age for a heart transplant is 42, while a third of lung transplants are for people under 35
  • New website aims to support young Australians requiring transplants
To help support those younger Australians whose lives depend on a transplant, two organ recipients have launched an online forum and information portal just for young people.

Website founders Joel Seeto and Peter Crumpton said it was their shared experiences and frustrations that inspired The Transplant Network.

Mr Crumpton said people could either register anonymously, or as themselves on the website.

"And [they can ask] any sort of question they have — like the waiting list, or what life is going to be like afterwards. Anything they can think of," he said.
There are currently more than 1,400 people on Australia's transplant waiting list. 
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