Organ Donor's Family Meets Child Saved by Transplant

MIAMI PATCH | Paul Scicchitano

Amid tears, 3-year-old liver recipient Deanna Anderson met her donor's sister and mother.

MIAMI, FL — When Kenneth Romero was just 23, he suffered an asthma attack that blocked his airways. His sister tried frantically to get oxygen to his brain by pumping his chest. But Kenneth was already too far gone.

His life ended three years ago in February of 2014. But thanks to a life-saving gift of Kenneth's liver, that's when eight-month-0ld Deanna Anderson began to live her life. So did four other people who received transplants from Kevin.

Now a preschooler, Deanna was introduced to Kenneth's sister and mother on Friday in honor of National Donate Life Blue and Green Day. They exchanged gifts — and lots of tears.

Hosted by Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency, UMTB Donor Services Foundation, Florida Lions Eye Bank and the University of Miami’s Brain Endowment Bank, Friday's event brought a number of Miami area transplant recipients together with their donor families in a celebration of the preciousness of life. Continue reading
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