Prayers answered: Kidney transplant brings new hope

WBIR | Michael Crowe
Heidi saw the Price's sign on the side of the road in Sevierville, and decided to donate her kidney. (Photo: WBIR)
More than 100,000 people are on organ transplant lists across the U.S., waiting for a kidney to come available.

For many, it feels like waiting for a sign – others, take that sign into their own hands.

Gregg Price, of Sevierville, spent three years on the transplant list. Dialysis kept him alive, but it was a burden. Then his wife Tracy grew tired of waiting.

“We were impressed up, if you want this to happen, you’ve got to go out and make it happen yourself,” said Tracy Price.

They erected a sign on the side of the parkway in Sevierville – a plea for a kidney to save Gregg's life. Several people called, but none were a match.

“That sign has changed my life,” said Heidi Swangel, of Sevierville. “I drove past it for five months before I finally called the sign.”

Swangel works at Dixie Stampede. She passed the sign every day on the way to work. Continue reading
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