Remembering heroic doctor killed after helping at I-96 accident

WJBK | Erika Erickson
(WJBK)- A physician at Henry Ford Hospital stops to help after seeing an accident and ends up losing her life.

Dr. Cynthia Ray passed away Wednesday night just days after being struck by a car.

Her colleagues remember the 46-year-old woman described as a "giving, generous spirit."

"I was like her Michigan father - it's a terrible loss," said her mentor, Dr. Michael Eichenhorn, M.D.

For Eichenhorn, it's no surprise his caring and committed friend would stop along I-96 to try and help several people involved in an accident..

"She was just a sweet kid who kept us young, who brightened a room when she was in it," he said.

And Sunday, while Ray and another driver, 16-year-old Sean English, had been helping those people, another car hit both of them.

English is still in the hospital, but Ray never regained consciousness and died Wednesday.

"Fortunately we believe she probably had no awareness at all of anything that had happened to her," Eichenhorn said. Continue reading
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