Success: A Kidney for Ann is found

Ann Mills thanks the community after finding a kidney donor with her sign campaign.(Photo: Provided)
You’ve likely seen the signs, white rectangles at intersections, in empty fields, on guardrails. Signs pleading for a “Kidney for Ann,” a woman whose own organs were failing her.

You may have thought about her plight as you sat idling, looking at the sign, or felt a curiosity rise as you sat.

When Robin Delnoce saw one of the signs, it caught her attention. She was on the way to a knee surgery follow-up appointment with a doctor in White Oak. On the way home from the appointment, she saw the sign again. She turned to her husband Tony and said “I would do that. How would you feel if I did that?”

“I would do it, too,” he answered.

So she contacted Ann via Facebook and said she and her husband were willing to be tested.

And a journey began.

Ann Mills launched an ambitious marketing project in November, creating and putting out more than 150 signs across the city seeking a kidney after learning her polycystic kidney disease had kicked into high gear. Her options were limited: dialysis or a transplant. When Delnoce contacted her, Ann gave her information to start the process to see if she and her husband were viable donors. Continue reading

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