Tell your heart to beat again

Tara Storch in Taylor's Garden   Photo: Sarah Bays
As National Donate Life Month is in bloom, a Denton County man is helping his father outlive himself and learning how to cope with the loss of a man with a heart of gold.

In July 2014, Jim Ashley fell from a company truck and was injured. His two children, Justin and Dana, struggling through the gut-wrenching and wildly unexpected hurt, decided to donate their 53-year-old father’s organs. In a move that would help turn devastation into hope, the two also got involved with Southwest Transplant Alliance.

“I arrived at the hospital to see my father in a coma, hooked up to life support with minimal brain activity,” Justin, a Little Elm resident, said. “The doctors said they would do more testing overnight and again in the morning to see if there is any improvement in brain activity.”

After speaking with Rey Pine, of STA, Justin and Dana realized they could help their dad, and others, live on.

“In this moment, Mr. Pine would help save our lives without even knowing it,” Justin said. “The idea of organ donation was never discussed in our family talks and my father was not registered as an organ donor. My sister and I had a very important decision to make." Continue reading
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