This Is A Story Of A Second Chance

NEW YORK -- The Kidney CORPS is a group of professionals - actors, artists, musicians, & business managers who are dedicated to finding a kidney donor for their friend, David Saltzman.

David, who was an athlete, was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2014. He is now on dialysis and his wait time for a kidney is 7 years.

David is a family man whose daughter says he is her hero. He is a business man, husband and father who has a heart for helping others.

He has been training with David Ashford, Medal Winner, World and National Champion Sprinter, to get himself in shape for this transplant.

The Kidney Corps has produced a video which can be seen on YouTube and Facebook. This video is the testimony of LeVaughn Crosby, a 78-year-old singer-songwriter, who had a successful kidney transplant at 71 years of age. Eight years later, he is healthy and doing great. Continue reading
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