Transplant baby now 24 and terminally ill

An Auckland man who inspired the nation's largest fundraising campaign for an organ transplant 23 years ago has just days to live.

At just 4-months-old Steven "Stevie" Young united sports stars, celebrities and ordinary New Zealanders to raise $250,000 for a liver transplant in Australia.

Now 24, and after three life-saving transplants, Stevie is terminally ill and spending his last precious moments surrounded by family and friends.

At his Drury home yesterday Stevie's family, including parents Zana Collins and Steven Young and his brothers and sisters wanted to thank everyone who contributed to their boy's first life saving surgery 22 years ago.

Stevie - one of New Zealand biggest Star Wars fans - was born with Biliary atresia, a rare disease that affects the bile ducts in the liver.

At 4-months-old specialists told his parents he needed a transplant only available in Brisbane, and at the cost of $250,000. Continue reading
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