Waukee teen's organ, tissue donations help 194 people

Drew Lienemann(Photo: Register file photo)
Fifteen months after his death, Drew Lienemann's memory lives on through the 194 people who received his organs and tissues.

The Waukee teenager died by suicide in January 2016, but his decision to become an organ donor two years earlier saved the lives of two people who were on the verge of death, and helped many more who were sick or suffering.

"He impacted so many people in his short life, and has helped even more in his death," his father, Dan Lienemann, said Tuesday during a ceremony honoring Drew and other Iowa organ donors.

Grafts from Drew's bones and connective tissues improved the lives of 181 people around the world, said his mother, Wanda Lienemann.

And Drew's skin assisted in nine breast reconstruction surgeries post-mastectomy.

"This is somewhat ironic, since one of Drew's more famous English papers in high school was entitled, 'How to pick up babes,'" said Wanda Lienemann. Continue reading
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