Why You Should Sign Up for the Organ Donor Registry Today

Donating an organ is giving the gift of life. (GETTY IMAGES)
April is National Donate Life Month, which highlights the "opportunity of a lifetime" to become an organ and tissue donor. By enrolling on the organ donor registry, donors give legal consent to the ultimate "gift of life" – the donation of his or her organs, tissues and eyes in the event of the person's passing.

As a health educator at Montefiore Health System in Bronx, New York, I have dedicated my life to spreading awareness for organ and tissue donation, and to enrolling new donors. I've broached the subject of organ and tissue donation with many potential donors, fielding the various questions and concerns that arise.

I have also had the pleasure of following a person in need and witnessing his or her life turn around as they receive the gift of life. Sadly, however, I've also had to say goodbye to those who did not receive this gift in time. On average, 22 people die each day while waiting for an organ transplant.

Through my daily work, I have learned so much about the power of organ donation and the exponential impact this lifesaving gift has on others. I've also learned that the most effective means of passing on life through donation is to educate people while they're still healthy. In the heat of a crisis, it's difficult to consider organ donation on behalf of your loved ones. Take the burden off your family members, and consider being an organ donor today.

April's National Donate Life Month encourages donors to allow for their beautiful legacy to continue in their memory. Each organ, tissue and eye donor can save up to eight lives and enhance more than 50 lives through tissue donation. Continue reading
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Be sure to share your decision with your family to ensure your generous gift is honored,  At risk is the legacy you wish to leave.