Woman with Lupus to Receive Life-Changing Transplant

93 million people in the United States are waiting to receive a new kidney. Jordan Sanville is no longer one of them.

That's because this week, she'll receive her donated organ.

Jordan Sanville was one of two young women with lupus that NBC15 spoke to in March at a local bowling fundraiser called Strike Out Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can target different organs in different patients, and frequently it's the kidneys that are affected.

After telling NBC15 that she was not feeling well and on the waitlist for a transplant for her failing kidney, Sanville's wish was granted within a week. The donor: a family friend.

Donor Michael Eith was surprised he was chosen.
"For the longest time, we thought it was going to come through the family," says Eith, who volunteered to get tested when he found out Sanville's family members were not a match for donation.
After several preliminary tests, Eith was informed he could be the donor if he chose to - and he quickly made that choice. Continue reading
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