After a six-month recovery from kidney transplant, Provo concert venue owner back in the spotlight with his donor


Provo • If The Moth & The Flame lead singer Brandon Robbins ever felt like he owed Corey Fox, he's now paid the Velour music club owner back in full.

After all, what's the loss of one kidney compared to the loss of the man who helped launch Robbins' career and so many others?

On Saturday, the two stood onstage at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo for the first time since Robbins gave Fox one of his kidneys in December. They hugged and raised their shirts, showing off the matching scars on their stomachs to applause from the crowd of close family and friends.

"Brandon is quite literally a blood brother to me," Fox said onstage. "There's no words. What can I say to the guy who gave me a kidney and gave me my life?"

Fox had been sequestered under doctor's orders for six months to prevent infection or organ rejection while he recovered from the surgery, and Saturday's celebration marked not only his return to Velour but The Moth & The Flame's return to the stage.

"We had just such an immense amount of help in the last year, so we wanted to get everyone together to thank Brandon [and] to thank people who have been really impactful in getting the story out and contributing in different ways," said Kaneischa Johnson, Velour's manager. "We wanted to get everyone together tonight and put Brandon on a stage and tell him thank you in as many ways as we can." Continue reading

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