Anonymous kidney donation a profound experience for B.C. couple


Elizabeth Black and Ken MacLeod don't know who received their donated kidneys, and they don't have to – the rewards have been profound and plentiful anyway.

"It was such a meaningful thing for me to do that it's hard to describe," said Elizabeth, who made her donation in 2013. "Even thinking about it now is emotional."

Most people don't hear much about living organ donation, but Elizabeth and Ken are hoping to change that. The Burnaby, B.C. residents are sharing their experiences in the hopes of encouraging others to follow suit.

The decision to become a living donor is intensely personal, and the husband and wife came to theirs separately at different times. But both were touched by the plight of people close to them who struggled and eventually died of kidney disease, including Ken’s father."Watching him go through that really very much affected me, to see how hard it was," Elizabeth said, remembering the constant dialysis treatments and long drives to the hospital.

She was ultimately moved to offer one of her kidneys to a stranger. With long waitlists for transplants, the process is usually fairly quick, but a health assessment determined Elizabeth had latent tuberculosis. Continue reading

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