Following Father's Example, UK Nursing Student Donates a Kidney to Save a Life

Seven-year-old Logan, who was diagnosed with PKD five years ago, received a kidney from UK nursing student Karly Schmidt.
LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 16, 2017) — To commit a textbook term to memory, UK College of Nursing student Karly Schmidt used a mental shortcut by naming her two kidneys George and Fred.

George, her right kidney, reminded her of the word “glomerular,” and Fred, her left kidney, reminded her of “filtration.” Putting the two words together, she could recall the glomerular filtration rate, which is the medical formula used to measure kidney function.

So when Schmidt found out she was a donor match for 7-year-old Logan Wiesman, a boy in dire need of a kidney transplant, she didn’t hesitate to refer to her kidneys by their given names. As no coincidence, George and Fred were also the names of the Weasley twins, two characters from the popular Harry Potter books. Logan, an avid Harry Potter fan, immediately found common ground with his life-saving donor — and assigned a personality to the left kidney she planned to give to him.

“It was their way of starting to form a connection,” Ann Wiesman, Logan’s mom, said. “She was like, ‘Which brother do you want?’” Continue reading

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