Help family find transplant lifesaver for eight-year-old Ruby Walker

DAILY RECORD |  Maria Croce

Brave Ruby needs constant oxygen to survive due to cystic fibrosis and needs more people to join donor register to give chance of life.

Little Ruby with her mum as she waits on a transplant (Photo: Tony Nicoletti/Daily Record)
Brave Ruby Walker was 
determined to take part in her school play – even though she had to pause while singing to take a few breaths.

Ruby needs constant oxygen to survive and even while performing in her role as a mermaid, a tube from her nose was connected to her tank nearby on the stage.

Ruby, eight, who lives near Arbroath, has cystic fibrosis and has been on the waiting list for a lung transplant for eight months.

She said: “A transplant would mean I’d be able to ride my bike 
and just be able to breathe. Organ 
donation is a brilliant thing – that’s so nice for someone to do that.”

Mum Diane Boyd, 34, an activities coordinator, added: “Ruby has a good enough understanding of what is going to happen but 
she doesn’t think too much of the operation itself. Continue reading

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