Hope for critically ill Max, 9, as Theresa May promises 'we are looking at organ donation law'

MIRROR | Jeremy Armstrong, Drew Gregory, Ben Glaze, Matthew Young 
There is now hope for Max Johnson
The clamour from Mirror readers, doctors, celebrities and politicians over the law on organ donation is growing stronger daily – and those in power are finally listening.

Our Change the Law for Life campaign, which has been running for two years, is calling for a system whereby people would be classed as having agreed to donate their organs after death, unless they opt out.

Wales brought it in 18 months ago. Scotland is set to follow suit. Theresa May is now contemplating introducing it in England.

Asked about the Mirror’s campaign, the Prime Minister’s deputy spokeswoman said: “We are keeping a close eye on how the changes in Wales and Scotland are affecting donation rates in considering whether we would change our policy.”

We told of nine-year-old Max Johnson who needs a new heart .

Presented with the front-page story and asked when England would follow in the footsteps of Wales and Scotland, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the Mirror: “We’re looking at it.” Continue reading

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