New plan launches to encourage Kiwis to boost organ donation efforts

TVNZ | Andrea Vance

A record number of organ donations were carried out in New Zealand last year, but we still have one of the lowest rates in the world, prompting the Government to launch a new plan.

A total of 61 deceased donors provided 181 organs to other people - an increase of 57 per cent on two years ago, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says.

"But it can be much higher," he says.

A new plan launching today will provide an extra $500,000 to ensure hospitals are ready for more transplants, more training for intensive care staff on how to talk to grieving families and a new national agency to run public awareness campaigns.

It will also make it easier for people to register to become a donor, as well as to update and share their wishes through the driver licence system.

"It is about raising awareness - about making sure people are making informed choices and decisions," Dr Coleman says.

About half of those who responded to the Government's review of the organ donation system wanted a "refusal register' - so that everyone would be a donor upon their death unless they opted out. Continue reading


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