Organ Donation: A Woman's Second Chance At Life

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There are some people who just beam with happiness, and for many, there is a deeper reason.

Tina Watson has been married to her husband for almost twenty years.

She spends her time with him and her pup named Rio, and she keeps her life full of excitement.

"My husband and I like to do Kung Fu, my husband is a Kung Fu instructor,” shares Tina Watson, who lives in Shelley. “We have students come here to the house and we do Kung Fu."

Tina sees every day as a gift, because for her it truly is a gift, from a girl named Katie.

"She had gone skiing, and just tripped a little bit on her skis as she was going downhill, and she rolled,” shares Watson of the BYU student who died. “When she came to a stop, she hit a small tree that hit at the base of her skull and she didn't wake up."

Tina was born with a disease that killed her kidneys by the age of nineteen, and she was in dire need of a kidney and liver transplant. Continue reading


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