Timmins mom has change of heart about organ donation


TIMMINS - A Timmins woman has had a change of heart about organ donations after connecting with the recipient of her late son’s heart.

Leslie Tinney’s son Aaron died in April 2016 due to complications from asthma.

“His asthma was getting out of control,” said Tinney.

After midnight one night, “he came running up the stairs and he was gasping. He couldn’t breathe in, he could only exhale. I ran and got the puffer and he started puffing it really fast, but he still couldn’t get air in.”

The 23-year-old was declared dead on April 12, but to his parents, he died that early morning Saturday, April 9.

“Even though we prayed about it, we were praying that it would all work out good, we knew that he died that night.”

Aaron Tinney signed his organ donor card at 17, when he got his driver’s licence.

“At the time I thought, I don’t ever want to hear this, I don’t ever want to deal with it,” said his mother. “I certainly didn’t think I would be dealing with him first. I thought it would be my husband first if anything.”

Leslie Tinney had no intention of letting anyone near her son’s organs.

“I wasn’t doing organ donation. I wasn’t having anything to do with it,” she said. “All day Saturday, I was dodging nurses.” Continue reading

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