Actor gets the ultimate gift


If you are lucky enough to get tickets to see Theatre Collingwood’s Barefoot in the Park this week, you will see two shows.

One is the classic Neil Simon Broadway hit comedy, and the other is an example of overwhelming generosity and a ton of gratitude.

Two years ago, John Dickhout was a 52-year-old hospital patient living in Welland waiting for a heart transplant. After experiencing a major heart attack while living with his family in the Philippines, Dickhout was told that without a transplant, he wouldn’t survive.

At the same time, Adam Prashaw was a 22-year-old man recuperating at home in Ottawa from a second surgery to try and stop the epileptic seizures that had plagued the young man since he was a child.

Adam’s father Richard picks up the story.

“He (Adam) had had his second brain surgery – he was sort of the minority of the epilepsy population – I have learned that he was deemed to be a very good candidate for surgery,” said Prashaw.

“When they saw the seizure activity, the origin of the seizure activity so deep it was like Canada Day fireworks, it was just so clear how all of the flares went back to this one point,” he said.

“My kid was just upbeat and positive, he called this a no-brainer. But he wanted a normal life, he wanted to drive again, be normal and get rid of these seizures. So he went back for the second (surgery).

“The doctors never promise you anything, but he had so much confidence.”

About 500 kilometres west, the effects of the heart attack grounded Dickhout. Continue reading

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