Bristol Woman Mixes Love Of Running With Organ Donation

HARTFORD COURANT |  Stephanie Sheehan
Sandy Centurelli, of Bristol, started running to lose weight so she can donate a kidney at the end of August. She is trying to get enough people interested (she needs 400) to have the DMV offer organ donation license plates, a sample of which she is holding. Centurelli is a member of the Run 169 Towns Society, a group of runners who goal is to run a race in all 169 towns in the state. (CLOE POISSON |
About two years ago, Sandy Centurelli was warned about her BMI when she started a process to donate an organ. Though her weight wasn't preventing her from donating, she didn't want to let it get in the way.

"I felt that was the only part of the process that I could control," Centurelli said. "I said, 'I will not let my weight be what stops me from this process.' If that's what I could control, that's what I'll do."

So she started to take running more seriously. She first started running with her husband, Rich, because he was in the national guard and didn't want to run alone. After going to a few races, everything "just kind of clicked."

"We went to a race, these fantastic people were there cheering everyone on, and the atmosphere was great and it just stuck, and I've now run races all over the state," Centurelli said.

Centurelli and her husband, who live in Bristol, are now members of Run 169, a group of runners whose goal is to run a race in all 169 Connecticut towns. It was through Run 169 where Centurelli became involved in a project to get the DMV to make license plates on behalf of Donate Life Connecticut, a nonprofit made up of volunteers who educate the public about, organ, tissue and eye donations. Continue reading

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