Chillcutt is fighting back


Breathing is something almost everyone takes for granted. How often do you even think about it? For one local man, it was something he had to constantly think about.

Kevin Callicutt, know to many as Chillcutt, has battled cystic fibrosis (CF) his entire life. Cystic fibrosis is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. It affects more than 30,000 individuals in the United States and more than 75 percent are diagnosed by age 2. This past December, Chillcut received a life changing lung transplant at UNC’s Jason Ray Transplant Clinic. Callicutt, a former Montgomery Herald employee, recently stopped by to update us on his transplant.

Callicutt’s transplant procedure began Dec. 28 was completed Dec. 29. “I got out of the hospital Jan. 17, so I was in (the hospital) roughly 17 or 18 days,” Callicutt explained.

Prior to the transplant surgery he was on the transplant list for two weeks. Callicutt said before you are considered for the list you have to be sick enough to qualify, but healthy enough to survive the surgery. He explained there is what is called an LAS, or lung allocation score, which is a combination of things including walking 1,000 feet in six minutes. He had taken this test in the past and did not qualify for a transplant but had reached the point where he wasn’t able to do 1,000 feet in the time allotted. Once his LAS score was high enough the doctors put him on the list. Callicutt said, “It’s just random as far as getting an organ. It has to be the right fit and blood type.” He went on to say that after only being on the list for two days the doctors called and said they might have a match, but called back a couple of hours later to say those did not work out. Continue reading 

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