How 9 friends saved a woman waiting for a heart transplant


Heart transplant survivor credits friends with saving her life

Amy Silverstein credits a group of nine friends with saving her life when she had her second lifesaving heart transplant at age 50.

The friends, who came from different parts of Silverstein’s life and from around the country, cared for Silverstein, in her California hospital as she waited with a failing heart for her transplant to come through.

The friends -- whose heroic efforts Silverstein, 53, documents in her new memoir, “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends” -- made sure she never spent a moment alone, even creating a spreadsheet calendar to organize their time in the hospital.

“You feel blessed to show up, and it's a gift for us in a certain way, to be able to show up for her,” one of the nine friends, Jane Shepardson, told ABC News.

The friends, some of whom were strangers to each other, said they thought it was a “very real possibility” they might lose Silverstein even as they spent time making her laugh and giving her spa treatments at the hospital. Continue reading


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