'I hope my pal Max gets a second chance at life' says 14-year-old who was saved by heart transplant

MIRROR UK | Jeremy Armstrong

Connor Laws is backing the Mirror's Change the Law for Life campaign after we highlighted the plight of Max Johnson, who has been waiting for six months for a donor

Connor waited jut 27 days for a transplant (Photo: Daily Mirror)
A friend of Max Johnson who got a heart transplant eight weeks ago is backing our Change the Law for Life campaign – and praying that his pal gets the same gift of a “second chance at life”.

Connor Laws, 14, was so weak as he waited for his donor organ that he was unable to walk from his hospital bed to the toilet in the ward.
He became friends with Max as he had
the same condition (Photo: Daily Mirror)
He became friends with nine-year-old Max as he suffered from the same condition, an enlarged heart, and also relied on a LVAD (left ventricular assisted device) to keep him alive.

Max has been waiting six months for a donor organ and we highlighted his plight last week.

Connor was so ill when he went into the Freeman Hospital specialist transplant centre in Newcastle he had an LVAD fitted. Eight days later, a heart became available.

In all, he waited just 27 days for a donor – and was aided by the fact he is very big for his age at 6ft, meaning he could have an adult’s organ. Continue reading

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