Palm Desert sheriff's deputy donating kidney to former co-worker's 3-year-old son

THE DESERT SUN | Katie Gagliano
Sheriff's Deputy Alicia Lopez holds Matthew Castleberry, Jr., during a media event at the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in Palm Desert, Calif., Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Alicia will be donating her kidney to three-year-old Matthew who suffered severe damage to his bladder and kidneys from posterior urethral valves.(Photo: Zoe Meyers/The Desert Sun)
Deputy Alicia Lopez will be donating her kidney to three-year-old Matthew Castleberry, the son of former Deputy Angelina Castleberry.

When Angelina Castleberry's phone rang in March, she didn't know it would be the call she had prayed for the last two-and-a-half years.

"Are you sitting down?" Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy Alicia Lopez asked on the other end, as Castleberry bustled around her house behind her six children. "I never sit," Castleberry laughed as she recalled the moment, but what Lopez said at the time stopped her in her tracks.

Lopez, a friend from Castleberry's time as a deputy sheriff at the Palm Desert Sheriff's Station, was a perfect donor match for her three-year-old son Matthew. The kidney the Castleberrys had prayed for all these years was right in front of their eyes, Castleberry said. Continue reading


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