Using AI To Predict Cardiac Risk In Liver Transplant Patients


AI has been doing an increasingly impressive array of things in healthcare in recent years, but one of the more interesting applications has been around transplants. For instance, one study from earlier this year used AI to help match up organ donors to ensure transplants were successfully accepted. Likewise, a project from this year used AI to do a similar job for bone marrow transplants.

Now, researchers, from Northwestern University, have developed an app that can predict the risk of liver transplant patients suffering from complications.

“Knowing the patient’s risk is critical to help prevent the frequent cardiac complications that accompany liver transplant surgery and to determine which patients are likely to survive the transplant,” they said.

Liver transplant surgery is incredibly high risk cardiac surgery as the blood flow changes are unique to each patient with end-stage liver disease. During the transplant procedure, huge changes in blood volume have a significant impact on the functioning of the heart. Continue reading

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