Roxanne thought she’d pulled a muscle.

“I told them ‘I think I pulled a muscle, but it’s been a long time, so I wanted to come and check it out,’” she says of her trip to the emergency room. “And the hospital said ‘fine.’”

But Roxanne, it turned out, wasn’t fine.

“They did EKGs, a whole bunch of tests,” she says today. “And at the end of the tests, they said, ‘you didn’t pull a muscle. You had a heart attack’.”

Salim, a biopharmaceutical company medical researcher who develops immunosuppressant medications for organ transplant patients, believes that silent heart attacks are just as great a risk as those presenting more typical warning signs.

“Many organs can be damaged silently,” Salim observes. “This is one of the misfortunes of life: that we could lose our organs without knowing that we are losing them, and without being able to intervene.” Continue reading 

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