Alabama adopts a paid leave program for organ donations

BIZ JOURNALS | Tyler Patchen
The Alabama Organ Center's lab space at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
A new organ donation policy is now in effect for the state of Alabama.

Under a new state provision, a permanent employee with at least one year of state service may be granted living donor leave, with pay, for donating an organ or bone marrow. The employee must submit, in writing, a request for donor leave, supported by verification by the physician performing the medical procedure and a recommendation by the appointing authority.

Based on physician orders, the employer may receive up to 30 days to donate an organ and up to seven days to donate bone marrow. The employee does not have to exhaust his or her leave accruals for the procedures.

“We are very happy this will be a reality for all state employees, and we are hopeful that other Alabama companies will adopt a similar provision so those who have the ability and desire can be an organ or bone marrow donor without loss of income or benefits,” said Jackie Graham, director of the Alabama Personnel Department. Continue reading 

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