'My sister’s death saved the lives of many'

HONEY NINE AU | Dilvin Yasa
Carol Hammett (right) with her daughters Zoe (left) and Shen (centre)Image: Supplied
The last day of Carol Hammett’s life started the way of any other.

There was the early morning hustle to get her daughters – then aged 11 and 16 respectively – into their uniforms and out the front door. There was a pit-stop at her neighbour’s house to drop off her youngest to be taken to primary while Hammett, a single mother doing it all on her own, dropped off her eldest at high school. Safely at her desk just after 8am, she seemed ready to tackle the mounting workload that had been threatening to overwhelm her, when suddenly, she took leave of her desk. The word that she was missing went out around her office less than an hour later.

Older brother Gary Hammett remembers the call he received that July morning in 2014 in vivid detail.

“I was told Carol was found unconscious and that two ambulance teams were working on her but that she wasn’t responding,” he says quietly.

“I’m in emergency services myself, so I asked how long they’d been working on her at the scene and when they answered ’30 minutes’, I knew that wasn’t a good sign.” Continue reading

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