Donated organs could be preserved with new machine

KING 5 | Amity Addrisi, Bill Abeyta

The new technology may take the chill off recovering from transplant surgery.

The University of Washington is participating in a study that seeks to test new technology to preserve donated organs.

UW is one of seven medical centers involved in a study to test a machine called OCS. It circulates blood, plasma, and protein through a donated liver to prevent the cells from dying.

The study is in its first phase, but doctors say the results are promising.

Paul Hamilton is one of the patients who has benefited.

"She was a giver. She loved to give, because it would make her feel better to give than to receive," said 47-year-old Hamilton when he speaks of his sister.

He is grateful to her, because she saved his life by donating her liver.

Hamilton has been suffering from liver failure after he got Hepatitis C during a blood transfusion.
After spending five years on a transplant list, Hamilton’s health was declining, and time was running out. Continue reading

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