Duke University Hospital reunites kidney donors with organ recipients


Durham, N.C. — The spirit of giving can be a wonderful thing, especially when the act of doing so might save lives.

That's what happened for three men, all of whom were in need of a new kidney to prolong their lives. The three men on Friday met the organ donors who have given them a new lease on life. The meeting was part of a "kidney paired exchange" program offered at Duke University Hospital.

Julie, 44, was an altruistic donor who donated a kidney to Frankie Locklear, 51, who lives in Sampson County.

"I wanted to help somebody," she said. "It just felt like something I was bound to do if I was qualified."

The kidney paired exchange program generally begins with someone like Julie, who has no personal connection to anyone in need of a kidney transplant.

"It is just like our trump card, you know?" said Dr. Deepak Vikraman, a transplant surgeon at Duke. "Because that person can donate to somebody, and that somebody can donate to somebody Continue reading


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