Garrett's Path raises awareness about organ donation

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Burlington family supports Illinois, new law that lowers the donor age to 16

Photo: Garrett’s Path
Garrett Brockway was your average 10-year-old boy, but in February of 2013...

"Our son, 10-year-old Garrett, was struck and hit by a falling tree and four days later was declared brain dead."

Just shy of the 5 year anniversary of his death, Tiffini and Bruce Brockway have turned their tragedy into miracles for 132 people across the nation and Canada.

"He saved five lives through organ donation, he helped two other people see through cornea donation, and he's helped 125 through cartilage donations," said Bruce.

Now they use their organization, Garrett's Path, to raise awareness about organ donation.

"It just kept growing and it kept growing, and so we were excited, we were excited that Garrett was being remembered, and that good things could come out of his memory," said Bruce.

When they heard about Illinois' new law to lower the age of First Person Consent to 16, they hoped it would spark similar change in other states. Continue reading


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