Dearborn Heights police chief encourages officers, residents to register as organ donors

Dearborn Heights Police Chief Lee Gavin
When Wayne State University Police Sgt. Collin Rose died in late 2016 after being shot while on duty, he was hailed as a hero for his bravery, and his commitment to service to his community.

Dearborn Heights Police Chief Lee Gavin seconds that sentiment, but also sees Rose as a hero for another reason. Rose was an organ donor – so after his passing, selected organs and tissue were collected and given to other patients who – thanks to his generosity – now have a second chance on life.

“Sometimes, we simply cannot avoid life’s tragedies”, Gavin said. “But thanks to the foresight and generosity of people like Sgt. Rose and those like him who are organ donors, a lot of people who are experiencing significant medical challenges will be the beneficiaries of his thoughtfulness.”

That is why the Dearborn Heights Police Department is joining forces with dozens of police departments and first responders throughout Michigan to honor their fallen comrades by committing to offer the priceless gifts of organs to those who are in need. Continue reading

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