Eugene nurse Roxanne Loomis finds new kidney through unlikely means: a billboard message

REGISTER- GUARD | Chelsea Deffenbacher

For Eugene resident Roxanne Loomis, seven is her lucky number.

Her birthday is on the seventh day of the seventh month, July 7.

On Feb. 7, 2017, Loomis paid for a billboard advertisement that asked for a kidney.

And on Feb. 7 of this year she got one.

“I had no idea how sick I was until I wasn’t sick any more,” Loomis said. “I woke up immediately after the surgery and I felt fabulous. I stayed awake the whole night because of how excited I was, how great I felt. I had been sick for so long.”

Last year, Loomis rented a billboard along Interstate 5 near Lane Community College with a large photo of herself dressed in blue scrubs with the words: “Need: kidney donor for Eugene RN.”

Loomis, 65, was an emergency room nurse before her health declined. She then went to work part-time. She is now considering retirement. Continue reading

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