Remarkable life of Tony Forte, 12-year-old multiple organ recipient, celebrated at Clipper Magazine Stadium

Tony Forte boards a plane in Lancaster on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016, en route to a multi-organ transplant in Miami, Florida.
A celebration of the life of Tony Forte, the multiple organ donor who died Feb. 19 in a Florida hospital, will be held today at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Tony, 12, inspired countless people with his inner strength and fighting spirit and brought much-needed awareness to the cause of organ donation.

As his page-long obituary in the March 11 Sunday LNP attested, Tony Forte packed more living into his 12-plus years than most people do in a long life.

And that is truly remarkable.

Tony was diagnosed when he was 6 days old with complete intestinal Hirschsprung's disease, which debilitates the digestive system.

The Manheim Township boy had a portion of his intestines removed when he was a baby, relied on a Broviac catheter implanted in his chest for nutrition, and lived with an ostomy bag and a G-Tube.

After enduring numerous surgeries and struggling to survive for years waiting for a multiple organ donor to become available, Tony received a new stomach, small and large intestines, liver and pancreas from a 12-year-old donor in 2016. Continue reading

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