April is Donate Life Month - see how being an organ donor can make a real difference


April is Donate Life Month. It’s a time to focus on the renewal of life in the spring, and the hope that is given through the gift of organ donation.

March 5, 2018 marked a year two mothers thought they would never see. One mother mourned the anniversary of her daughter’s death, while the other remembered the day her life was saved.

Lydia Stewart, of Amanda, Ohio, was 18 when she died on March 5, 2017 as a result of a motorcycle accident. She was a registered organ donor and she saved three lives through organ donation, restored the sight of two individuals through cornea donation and healed countless others through her gift of tissue donation.

One of the lives she saved was that of 38-year old Andrea Taylor, of Groveport, Ohio. Andrea received Lydia’s heart after many years of health struggles, strokes and not being able to care for her young son.

After Lydia’s tragic death, and Andrea’s miraculous transplant, Lydia’s mom, Kelly, reached out to the person who received her daughter’s heart. Donation is an anonymous process, and little did she know, she and her daughter had already met the heart recipient while Lydia was still alive.

The Backstory

In 2011 at a stranger’s garage sale, Kelly purchased a camper for her family. About a year later while Kelly and Lydia were eating at a local restaurant, a lady approached them. She said hello, introduced herself as Andrea and reminded Kelly she bought the camper from her parents. It was that chance encounter where Lydia and Andrea met briefly. The families wouldn’t know that six years later, their lives would forever be woven together. Continue reading


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