Teenage organ donor provided life to others - and a bigger family to his parents

NEW ZEALAND HERALD | Washington Post | Allison Klein
Sean Clegg, 14, several months before the accident. Photo / Courtesy of the Clegg family
Gail and Andy Clegg's 14-year-old son, Sean, went out for a bike ride one Sunday afternoon. He was hit by a car and killed near their home in Tabernacle, New Jersey.

When the Cleggs heard the heartbreaking news, in their deep devastation, they had one clear thought.

"Something positive needed to come out of this," Gail Clegg said. "We thought, 'Is there something we can do? Can he be an organ donor or something?' "

So they donated his body - to 100 different recipients. Now, 10 years later, they have an extraordinary friendship with several of the people who received Sean's major organs. They consider them extended family - and one of them, essentially, became like the daughter they never had, reports Washington Post.

Stefania DeMayo, 37, was dying before she received Sean's heart in 2008. She now calls the Cleggs "mom and dad," and her children - who she had after the transplant - consider them grandparents.

DeMayo said their bond was "instantaneous" when they met. Continue reading


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