Blac Chyna’s Assistant and Mother of 3 Died After Fatal Stroke

CHEAT SHEET | Julia Mullaney

Hernandez’s family decided to keep her on life support for a while so her organs could be harvested and donated to people in need. 

Rapper Blac Chyna has found herself in the middle of a lawsuit over the death of her former assistant, Lorena “Patty” Hernandez.

Hernandez suffered a stroke in July 2017 that left her partially blind. But even though she hadn’t made a full recovery from her stroke, she insisted she wanted to continue working. She was only in her early 30s at the time of her stroke, and although it’s rare to suffer a stroke at that age, it does happen. A stroke occurs when oxygen and blood supply to the brain are interrupted.

When Hernandez’s doctor advised she not return to work for Chyna, she insisted she had to. Hernandez, a mother of three, had to continue working in order to support her children. She returned to work on Chyna’s clothing line, 88 Fin, to provide for her family. But in December 2017, she suffered a severe brain bleed that put her back in the hospital and forced her to terminate her fourth pregnancy.

Just two weeks after terminating her pregnancy, Hernandez took a turn for the worse. She suffered a seizure and triggered another brain bleed. According to Hernandez’s GoFundMe page, this bleed was worse than the last. It sent Hernandez into a coma. About four months later, her family finally decided to take her off life support. Continue reading