How to give a living organ donation and save lives

WWLTV | Sheba Turk

NEW ORLEANS - When people think about organ donation, it's usually in a sad context. But Dr. Emily Bugeaud has a different perspective.

"It is rewarding to come in at a time when a patient is sick and be able to help in a profound way," Bugeaud said.

Dr. Bugeaud is a transplant surgeon at the Oschner Health System, which has one of the largest transplant centers in the country. While most people know that they can register to be a donor after they die, Bugeaud wishes more people knew they could make a difference while they are still alive.

A normal, healthy person can donate a kidney. In fact, there is a kidney exchange program for people who want to help a loved one but aren't a direct match.

"Someone can essentially donate their kidney indirectly to that loved one because we can find a pair somewhere else in the country that maybe has a similar circumstance and that person's donor and your donor is a good match for that person's loved one," Bugeaud said. Continue reading