Mother of organ donor meets teen saved by donation

10 TV | Glenn McEntyre

COLUMBUS - Mother's Day is a time to stop and thank our moms for all they've given us, including the gift of life.

It's also a day moms take stock of the loves and losses that go with being a parent.

For two Ohio mothers, this Mother's Day will have special significance, for that very reason.

DaMia Williams was just 13 when doctors discovered her kidneys were only five percent functional. She was in end-stage kidney failure.

"She would need a transplant if she was going to live," Dee said.

In the meantime, there would be surgeries, regular hospital visits, and hours upon hours of dialysis treatments.

Dancing -- even schoolwork -- took a back seat.

"Having your blood washed constantly for that many hours kinds of drains you," DaMia said. "So I didn't have that much energy. Very tired a lot of the time."

For her mother, the wait was agonizing. Continue reading