Opioid crisis giving others a second chance at life through organ donation

ABC 22 | Maria Durant

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - The opioid crisis on a daily basis destroys lives. But, the overdoses are actually giving others a second chance at life.

WSYX/WTTE first introduced you to Kelly Kocher, a Zanesville mother whose story touched the lives of those who saw it.

Kocher videotaped the last moments of her son's life after he had overdosed and died in the hospital.

"I think people needed to see that," she said. "They need to see reality. They need to see if you continue to do drugs, this is the end result."

The end result of her son's life gave a second chance at living for three other people, as Kocher donated his organs.

The skyrocketing number of opioid deaths is now contributing to a record number of organ donations.

In Central Ohio and southeastern Ohio, organ donation increased by 33 percent, and 25 percent of those organ donors died of a drug overdose. Continue reading