Patriots fan saves Eagles fan's life by donating kidney

247 SPORTS | Jeff Kerr
A Patriots fan donated a kidney to an Eagles fan. (Photo: 6abc)
The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots have had their war of words in the days leading up to Super Bowl 52 and in the aftermath (the Eagles won 41-33 by the way), but two loyal fans put aside their differences to save a life. Via 6abc Action News, John Houlihan is a huge Patriots fan who donated a kidney to Patricia Pizzimenti, a diehard Eagles fan. The organ exchange allowed the miracle to happen as kidney donations are tough to come by in the United States.

According to the Columbia University Department of Surgery, approximately 75 percent of people who receive a kidney transplant from a living donor maintain their kidney function for 10 to 20 years. Siblings have a 25 percent chance of being an "exact match" for a living donor and a 50 percent chance of being a "half-match." To be a compatible donor, matching blood types and antigens are required. Continue reading