Condition causes complication for teen needing kidney transplant

Diego Smith and his mother Ilka, during one of Diego's Dialysis appointments. Diego spends as many as 4 hours a day, three days
A kidney transplant can be the gift of life, but right now a child here in San Antonio is looking for another hero yet again, and this time the odds are stacked against him.

Diego Smith is like any other 15 year old.

"I like to make music, play video games, and play outside." Smith said.

But for a few hours a day,

"Sometimes 4, sometimes 3 if I'm, good." Smith said.

He spends his days tied to a machine.

"If this machine wouldn't take this off my heart would give out." Smith said.

Doctors like Mazen Arar say Diego is in a special situation.

"He received a kidney transplant and the kidney and the kidney transplant usually doesn't live forever.” Arar said.

And is not alone in his quest for a new kidney. Continue reading