Grieving family hears son's heart beat again


Sadness, anticipation, hope….all feelings ahead of hearing your child’s heart beat in another person’s chest.(Photo: Humankind)
“I am the recipient of your son’s heart. I want to thank you for giving me a chance to live through donating your son’s heart on that difficult day in April 2017,” Elisabeth Kepley wrote to the parents of her heart donor.

Two years ago, Kepley began experiencing a discomfort in her chest. Although it had been ten years since her last chemo treatment, she was experiencing heart failure as a side effect.

Kepley’s life was forever changed on April 30th, 2017, when she received the heart of Rob Maresca. She’s always wanted to thank the family that made that gift possible.

Maresca suffered from a tragic accident shortly after his 30th birthday. While at work, he lost balance on a ladder and fell backward. After standing up, he immediately passed back out and never woke again.

“He was at work, and I wasn’t ready for that. Not in the slightest,” says Maresca’s father Bob. That day, he and his wife Marla made a tough decision. They chose to donate Rob’s organs and tissues. Continue reading